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High in nutritional value

All essential amino-acids, healthy fats (including omega 3&6), antioxidants, dietary fibres, vitamins, carotenes, iron. How much? 4x more iron than spinach, 7x more digestible protein than tofu, and the list goes on…

Low in ecological costs

Algae eat CO2 and light for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ... and need much less water and a fraction of the land compared to beef, soy, or other crops

Local, fresh and unprocessed

Farmed indoors in the Netherlands and frozen minutes after harvesting, without any processing

Flexible: it can grow anywhere

With the potential to provide everyone on Earth with a stable, fresh and local nutrients source

Eat future food today!

We believe algae like Spirulina are part of tomorrow's healthy and sustainable diet

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1. Order your products

We only have fresh products. Try our local and sustainable spirulina (you'll love the neutral taste!)

2. Harvesting and processsing

With new harvests every week, we make sure you will always have a fresh gemstone-shaped product to enjoy

3. First-class delivery or local pickup

We deliver every Friday, with free shipping for orders above €70 by our all-star couriers and always free local pickup

We are also trusted by the best chefs

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers love us:

Happy with this!

Great source for my protein and vitamin boost

— Willem B.

No taste at all!

Pure or mixed with water I just taste... water! I can blend it with everything

— Floor R.

Funky colour, no taste

First time using spirulina, love the product

— Lutgarde M.

Just wow!

I had almost accepted smelly spirulina powder as necessary evil, and then I tried this stuff!

— Eline V.


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