We are on a mission to make fresh and locally grown algae a cornerstone food in tomorrow’s plant-based diet

We're in this for positive change

Our efforts with Algy are tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help achieve a greener & cooler planet with happier and healthier people

Algy's SDGs

Our principles

1. The best product for you and for the planet

We balance product perfection and the highest levels of sustainability. This means being fully CO2 neutral from the start, and minimising our water and energy use in every step of production (and we expect the same from our partners)

2. Sustainable and circular packaging

Bye bye plastic 👋🏼. Where possible, we use hardened glass jars that you can return upon receipt of your next order. This means being nice to the planet and avoids hosting microplastics in your body

3. Giving back to the planet and to local communities

-- more to follow soon --

We are ready to scale

With your help, we can continue to scale and drive down costs of sustainable, fresh & local algae harvesting. Together we can unlock a healthier, more accessible and more sustainable food source for everyone 💚💙

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