Why do we prefer spirulina fresh instead of dried?

If you have tried dried spirulina pills or powders and switch to fresh... you’ll instantly taste why dried spirulina is a thing of the past. “Algy tastes just like water” is what we always hear when our spirulina gem is dissolved in a glass of tap water. Imagine the possibilities... (and don't forget the other benefits included below!)


Neutral taste

Algy's spirulina is grown inside in fully controlled reactors and harvested with care. This way, we can ensure that you can enjoy the very best and purest product available today. You won't taste a thing, promise!

High bio-availability

Freshly frozen spirulina's nutrients can be fully absorbed by your body. You also don't eat spinach powder to get hold of its nutrients, right?!


Our spirulina is grown indoors in closed and monitored reactors, harvested with great care, and then frozen immediately. Fresh high-quality spirulina does not need any processing

Sustainability first

Grown in the Netherlands, the road from harvest to your glass, bowl or plate is as short as possible, which gives you the freshest product AND keeps the planet cool too


Nasty taste

If you enjoy a strong fishy or egg-yolky taste in your menu, dried (= damaged) spirulina may be just your thing. Else, we've got you covered

Inferior nutrient quality

The drying process makes spirulina's nutrients less available for absorption by your body, and may even make specific nutrients ineffective altogether

Questionable quality

As dried spirulina is most often grown in large open basins, quality control is difficult and the spirulina is exposed to a higher risk of contamination. Especially heavy metals in the water are a known polluter of imported dried spirulina

Profit over sustainability

Dried spirulina is produced abroad at scale. Transport takes considerable time and effort, not to mention the use of additives or glue